Wednesday, 10 February 2010

From Virginia to Bristol

I keep an eye on stuff to do with vocations, and saw a reference to a website run by the Vocations Director of the Diocese of Richmond in Virginia, which gets a steady stream of young men. It's called "Behind the Collar" and it's well put together, clear and informative. Fr M - although he has just realised that the site hasn't been updated since Advent - approves.
Meanwhile we had our fortnightly Fraternity of Priests meeting today and we hosted it here at St Brigid's. There were eight of us here today, including newcomer Fr John. He has been living in the diocese a few years and was in Clifton diocese. It turns out he was one of the founders of the project at St James, Bristol, where all-day Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is combined with a centre for addiction rehabilitation, which grew out of a drop-in centre almost twenty years ago. St James is a beautiful Norman church, on a long lease from the Church of England (who I suppose you could say had it on an even longer lease from us!) You'll find it right next to the Bus Station on the way to the shops and offices. Their website tells me that unfortunately the Church is closed for very expensive repairs until next year - otherwise I would be warmly recommending you to pop in when you are next in Bristol. So you'll have to make do with a nice picture - there are more on the site and via the BBC.

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