Friday, 14 May 2010

And the winner could be....

So, we had our canons' meeting, which was an unusual experience. We were told that the Vatican wanted a list of three nominations (which, of course, they can totally ignore if they wish!). So, eventually, we came up with them. The atmosphere was a slightly eerie combination of solemnity and bonhomie.
Meanwhile, the old foot is slowly getting there. Made my return visit to the nurses, where we found that the original infection has cleared up, but it has caused some cellulitis and stuff, so more care needed for that, and so my left leg is bound up like Lazarus.
We've held two open meetings for St Brigid's and St Paul's about the proposals for the future in Cardiff. Not a huge number turned up, but a good discussion, carried out in good spirits. I encouraged folks to get involved, to send in their thoughts, and, if they wish, also to be creative in suggesting alternatives. 
Amazing goings on in the government. I feel a real sense of us entering a new phase of national life. In fact, the impression I get is a bit like the atmosphere with us canons on Wednesday - a mixture of solemnity and bonhomie. So the question is the same in both cases - where is it all going?
Meanwhile, in this Year of the Priest, I found a video about my seminary in Rome, the Beda. The college has changed in some ways since the 70s, but the place looks the same. The lower age limit is now 30 - it was 24 in my day, and I was "illegal" at 21! Anyway, take a look, it's only 2 1/2 minutes... It's part of a series on Rome, some of which also look interesting.

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