Monday, 17 May 2010

LIttle angels, iPlayers, nurses and canon lawyers

Busy, busy as usual. Lovely First Holy Communions at Christ the King on Sunday. Everything went well. Also on Sunday, lots of people listened to the broadcast of our first recorded "Celebration". I caught it on iPlayer later, and thought it all sounded good. At some points I thought the singing sounded thinner than it was on the night. Darryl and Geoff's intro to "Do not be afraid" came across beautifully, and added a touch of class, if that's possible or appropriate in an act of worship!
We had a Christ the King parish meeting about the reorganization proposals on Sunday afternoon, and people expressed their views very well.
I reported to the nurses today, who I like and trust a lot. Thank goodness, the nasty little wounds on my ankle are slowly shrinking, and the leg swelling is not quite so pronounced now. So I seem to be on the mend, but the nurse observed, peering down at my foot "these things can be little divels" which I took as nurse-speak for "it might be a bit of long haul to clear these wounds". They gave me a huge prescription for ongoing self-care. As long as I know where it's going, I'm fine. I'm seeing them again Thursday. Good news is that most of the time I'm feeling much more myself over the last few days. 
Tomorrow I've got a meeting of the officials of the National Tribunal for Wales, my canon law body, to review the first few years of our working together and plan for the next stage of our development.

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