Tuesday, 11 May 2010

PPs, PMs, and ready-loaded canons

Wow. Great evening with the BBC at St Brigid's. Everything went very well - music, readers, a good crowd - everything. Karen, the producer, was pleased too. Fr M happy PP.
And while we were enjoying ourselves, Britain got a new Prime Minister!  I tell you what, it's all happening.
Well, the fun continues tomorrow when the canons of Cardiff, including yours truly, gather to propose a list of three candidates to be considered as our next Archbishop. We are one of the bodies whose view is sought. Each canon is asked to suggest three names anonymously, and then the three top names are forwarded to the Nuncio in London.
Well, actually, I haven't really got much of a clue who we should have! I've been checking out the form by looking up all the bishops in England and Wales on their website. Hasn't got me much further. Fr James suggested that I shoud pray about it. Hadn't thought of that! So I'll have a bite for supper now, and have a chat with the Lord. I can't tell you what He might say, because the voting and result of the august canons' deliberations is... shhhhhh... secret.
Picture shows canons' stalls at Lincoln Cathedral - couldn't find a pic of Catholic ones!

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