Thursday, 20 May 2010

Bishop's move

And so, the Peter Smith years slowly ebb away... Tomorrow, in order to mark the Year of the Priests, the priests of our diocese were due to all celebrate Mass together at the Cathedral and then have a meal in one of the city centre hotels. Now the celebration has also taken on the role of our farewell to Peter who has been our archbishop for 9 1/2 years. I was in his company yesterday, and he said he was moving at the end of next week, in preparation for his installation as Archbishop of Southwark on 10th June. 
The Vatican Council had much to say about bishops and their role in the diocese. A pastor, a father, a special relationship with his priests etc etc. None of us, I suppose, fulfils all the expectations put on us. He also confirmed that the present consultation on the city of Cardiff will continue.  
The nurses continue to take care of my leg for me. They gave me a huge prescription for dressings, creams, tubigrips and goodness knows what. The chemists didn't have enough of most of the stuff. As I'm feeling better in myself, I don't mind the long haul that it's probably going to be to get rid of the aftermath of my infection, cellulitis, whatever...
Fr James goes away on Saturday for a fortnight. I'll have help on the weekends but not on weekdays. So we'll have a reduced Mass timetable and I'll be kept on the go etc. So I don't want any bother over this fortnight OK?!

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