Saturday, 22 May 2010

Take the Ferry

Time for a music posting. From sixth form on, through university and then seminary and after, one of my favourite bands was always Roxy Music. In fact, a few days before I went off to seminary I went with my friends to see them at the Capitol (remember the Capitol?). A kind of pre-seminary stag night, I suppose... Eno, Phil Manzanera, Andy Mackay and the inimitable Bryan Ferry - their music lasts and I still listen from time to time. Their first ever single, in 1972, was "Virginia Plain", and I was delighted to come across a video of them still performing it live over 30 years later, because, you know what, it actually sounds better now than then! Ferry, Mackay and Manzanera are all playing, and it speeds along at a cracking pace. Ferry was always a great entertainer and the audience absolutely loved it by the look of them. So, if you are of a certain age, and even if you're not, and you want to know what kind of stuff your reverend blogger was, and is into - then pin your ears back for Mr Ferry.

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