Thursday, 6 May 2010

Foot, vote, and flowers

At last found out why I haven't been feeling 100% for a while. I've got an infection in a graze on my ankle. I hadn't paid much attention to the graze from a while back, stuck a plaster on it etc. Then my left foot got swollen and red, and yesterday when I took off the plaster it was all yucky. The surgery gave me an appointment in 45 minutes and diagnosis instant. So, antibiotics to the rescue - and I'm already feeling the difference. I was told to try and keep the offending foot elevated - and in my mind I was instantly transported back 10 years, to when I broke the other ankle, and had all that business for months. Anyway, isn't it great how just knowing what is wrong itself makes you feel better in some way?
As I was going to the surgery, Rhodri Morgan was canvassing outside the shops in Llanishen, because today, of course, is election day. I think that the Conservatives will win, and that Labour do a bit better than we might expect - and the Lib Dems a little worse. Though there has been a lot of fuss about them, especially in the media, I'm not sure how many will actually vote for them in the booth...  We'll see.
Meanwhile, a good blog I came across is one by Fr Stephen Wang, a Westminster priest who is currently Dean of Studies at Allen Hall seminary in London. Stephen blogs about what's going on in the world today, or as he puts it "looking across the landscape of contemporary culture." Good, intelligent, and Catholic. Fr M approves.
So here to finish is a little fun thing I found on Fr Stephen. Grow your own garden! Click here to go to the site, then just click on the black screen or drag your cursor across it, and watch those flowers grow!  Enjoy.

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