Monday, 25 October 2010

Heal me, honey, honey, heal me

Everything going well on the optical and medical front. Despite someone telling me on Saturday that because of her vari-focals she fell off a chair she was attempting to sit on, and ditched them after a  few weeks, I have not fallen off any chairs or down any stairs, and seem to be doing OK.
Amazing news this morning from my weeky visit to the nurses. After weeks of trying to get rid of the last ulcery bit of my cellulitic ankle thing, a switch to HONEY therapy has done the trick in two weeks. A check-up next week should be my last visit. Llanishen Court nurses gain the coveted award - Fr M Approves.
On a less optical/medical note, I confess to watching "The X Factor", all in the cause of what Pope John XXIII and the Lord Himself called "reading the signs of the times" - of course!  I was really taken this week with painter-decorator-plasterer-whatever Matt Cardle's rendition of Britney Spears's "Hit Me One More Time". No fuss, no dancers, no fireworks, good voice, good interpetation, nice combination of gutsy and vulnerable - and rapturous reception from the audience. Take a listen. Fr M Approves - goodness, that's two awards in one blog posting...

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