Saturday, 2 October 2010

Up in the Air

Picked up a new word this morning. I was visiting a few other blogs, and dropped in on Fr Stephen Wang's. He had a link to a beautiful 5 minute BBC film about Britain from the Air, based on an exhibition in Bath. It's a lovely little piece, with Vaughan Williams music, and commentary from the Director of the Royal Geographical Society. As a lifetime lover of maps and stuff, and GoogleEarth addict, this is right up my street! Fascinating that the Director's favourite shot is of the multi-coloured spoil heaps at Port Talbot steelworks!
Further down the page I then saw further links to other short films, including one on what is my new word "Noctilucent Clouds". These are clouds that are 50 miles up in space, only visible in summer at dusk looking north. And beautiful they are, too. Latin scholars will see that "noctilucent" indeed means "night-shining." These special and mysterious clouds are new to me, and are well worth a quiet and restful viewing. Enjoy both of these lovely films.

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