Monday, 11 October 2010

Soothing for the hacked

Throat's a bit better today, but a cold may be on its way, and stayed in. So, of course, even more people than usual have phoned!! Apologies to anyone that I've been a little curt with - it hurts in more senses than one!
Anyway - "hackings". Yes, a hacking cough but worse than that, somebody hacked into our parishes' website today, so you get a skull and crossbones when you visit it. SImon, our excellent webmaster, is on to it even as I speak, or, rather, as I type.
So, with all this hacking going on, something to soothe us all. During the summer we had a Baptism during Mass, and as the family were all musical, they had a small choir sing a John Rutter piece "For the Beauty of the Earth." If you want to chill for four minutes, click below.

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