Thursday, 28 October 2010

Polish puzzles, Roath Park leaves, Waterloo teas

So, one of my nephews is representing the UK at the World Puzzle Championships in Poland. The what? Yes, and if you don't believe me that there is such a Championship, visit competition ends tomorrow, Friday, and at the moment he is 69th in the table.   Click on "results" and you'll find him - Gareth Moore.
I found out about this yesterday when my sister came to visit. After lunch at the Traveller's Rest we went for a walk at Roath Park Lake. Aren't the autumn colours stunning this year? I thought of Fr James in his parish in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, who loves our autumns. None of that in Florida, James - I know you read this blog! Loads of kids were happily playing, the sun was shining, the swans and ducks seemed particularly happy...
Then we drove on alongside the park to my old favourite the Waterloo Gardens Teahouse. Hadn't been since Easter, and we were glad to see it's keeping up its high standards (and, er, pretty high prices too, but worth it for something special).  We had a lovely day and it was good to be out and about after a heavy week or so of Saturday's day of recollection, Sunday and Monday's busy funeral, Tuesday's all day clergy meeting, and Tribunal judgement session - and Fr Tomy being off the map with chicken pox last week.. 

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