Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Speaking personally

A few speaking engagements coming up this month. This weekend I'll be at the Hereford Catholic Conference on Friday evening and Saturday. This has been organized for the last half dozen years at St Mary's High School Lugwardine just outside Hereford. Speakers, Mass, ministry and other activities attract a good crowd from across the county and beyond. My connection was that I was parish priest in Ledbury 1983-1986, when I got to know several of what are now the Conference organizers.
Later in the month on Saturday 23rd October I will be at the University Chaplaincy leading a day on "The Real Presence". I love talking about the Eucharist, and you might think that's no surprise for a priest. Yet it seems sometimes that chaps aren't confident enough in their own faith to share it. I'm looking forward to a good day, and spent an hour or so this afternoon planning the day.
Also in the planning at the moment is the Requiem Mass for a special lady from Christ the King, Bernadette Charles, who died on Sunday. She was a regular at 8.30 Mass, and in latter years her husband, of Baptist background, joined her. Indeed, I think that the 8.30 congregation more or less became their family. What a loving person, and such a great Yorkshire sense of humour! In the best possible sense, I am sure it will be a good funeral...

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