Friday, 22 October 2010

New perspectives

Hmmm... so these are vari-focals... Picked up my new specs this morning. Everyone says how wonderful varifocals are, and I'm already aware that I can read the paper and look out of the window without changing 'em! So I'm told I've got to give them a week or two for me to adjust. Watch this space for the vari-verdict.
Meanwhile, in preparation for my day on the Eucharist tomorrow, I was hunting on the web for an image I wanted. When we were in Czestochowa with our September Pilgrimage, many were struck by the modern painted Stations of the Cross there. The group gave me the accompanying book as part of my thankyou gift, and the commentary I find very useful. The one that I'm going to incorporate tomorrow is the tenth station - Jesus is stripped of His clothing. You can see the whole set on a Catholic blog I found called Lioness Blog. Take a look - I think they are stunning. Notice how the presence of Our Lady is represented by the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa. And here is the tenth station 

The artist brings together two senses of the exposing of Christ - in the Eucharist and at Golgotha. The one Jesus we surround with candles, flowers and processions. The other one we deserted, and left to the criminals, to the soldiers and to those who could stand the humiliation - his mother and a few others. Nobody is looking at that Jesus in the picture... Yet it is the same Jesus, the same body.
Indeed, a different perspective.

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