Friday, 20 March 2020

Bangor, Mash and Freddie

Hello, we are Bangor, Mash and Freddie. We're friends of Father Matthew and Fr Andy, and we'd like to be your friends too.  Because it looks like there's a lot of bad stuff around at the moment, but we don't really understand. Also... we're a bit shy... so we haven't put our pictures on here yet. Also it's because we are a toy dog, little bull and elephant. So it's a bit hard to type. But we feel sad for you humans, so we'd like to help with a bit of fun. You might want to leave a comment for us. Because that would be a nice thing to do...  
Anyway, here's  a pic of where we live...


  1. Hi Bangor, Mash and Freddie,

    welcome to the world wide web.

    I hope your visits here will offer the kind of erudition and insight we have got used to on this blog from Fr Matthew 😉

  2. Missing you already, getting ready to pray at 9.30 when I would have been at Mass

  3. Hi Bangor, Mash and Freddie.
    Hope to see you soon and hope you stay safe and cosy!

  4. Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Seb and I am learning to type too. :)