Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Listen to Bruce

Bangor, Mash and Freddie soon had to learn that I like my music - all sorts of music.
A while ago Fr Andy came across a great Bruce Springsteen video. It seems that about 2006 he did a tour with a Seeger Sessions Band, with a kind of electric country sound. The song is a version of spiritual called "O Mary don't you weep no more", and the Mary is Martha and Lazarus' sister. It's a song of hope and trust that things will get better, based on what the Lord has done in the past.  Seems to have a message for us now...
                               Brothers and sisters, don't you cry,
                               There'll be good times by and by.

This morning I phoned all the priests of Cardiff Deanery to see how everybody is. I was especially thinking of those who live alone.  I'm glad to report that they're in good shape, and doing their best in these strange circumstances, some streaming their Mass withe the help of techie parishioners, others keeping in touch with needy parishioners etc.
All say how strange it all is, and especially as none of us knows how long it will go on. So why not tune in to Bruce and his fantastic instrumentalists - and turn it up!


  1. Good to hear you have been speaking to the other priests and that all are well so far. I'm sure all of us are praying hard for all of you.

    As you were posting this yesterday I was sorting the streaming for St. Teilo's (online not in person, of course).

    Glad to say it worked very well today with a lovely celebration of Mass at 10 followed by joining the Pope in prayer at 11 - then exposition until 5:30pm. Nice to be able to pop in on the Lord, even at a distance.

    We are lucky to have so many options in Cardiff, with Fr Daniel, the Oratory, Canon O'Gorman, Canon Collins (and Fr Nick) and Canon Issac all going live.

  2. Hope both you and Fr Andy are well, wishingneveryonemgood health from us in Barry👍