Monday, 23 March 2020

Big friend Freddie

Well. last - but certainly not least... Hi, I'm Freddie, Fr Matthew's third friend - except I really come first, but you have to humour Bangor and Mash. You see I've been here in Cardiff longer than both of 'em. I arrived about ten years ago all the way from India. I travelled with one of the Indian priests that the master used to have working with him. I used to sit on the window sill or on the book shelf here in Fr Matthew's tip - sorry, office. Then I wandered into the dining-room and discovered Bangor and Mash. We're all good friends really!

Why am I called Freddie? Ah, that's another story... I'm named after a nice priest called Fr Frederick who came here for some months, and he was from Bangla Desh. That's him in the pic.  Master always calls him Freddie, and so I am named after him.

Now you may have noticed that I'm showing you my right side in the picture. That's because - it's a bit embarrassing - I've lost my left tusk in an, um, accident, involving falling off the shelf. Ouch!

So now you've met the three of us here at the Presbytery. We see and hear a lot, you know, and so feel free to ask us about life at the Pres. Like today Master is doing a lot of writing on his computer thing. He spends a lot of time trying to help people who have had a bad time in their marriage and family life. So sometimes he has to write a decision to set them free from a bad time in their life. It's something he calls an "annulment" and it's difficult stuff to deal with.  He's not a bad old stick really you know (thanks Freddie ed.)  
I think people know very little about how these priests spend their time, so we may chat a bit about that. Anything you want to know, just ask me, because, of course - elephants never forget.

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  1. Hi Freddie,

    How nice to meet you.

    Like many people in the Three Churches I got to know Fr Frederick well and you couldn't have been named after a nicer man. He was from Bangladesh, rather than your Indian homeland, but he lives now not far from the border and is involved in development and encouragement of those who are interested in joining his religious order.

    With your prodigious elephant memory perhaps you should be helping us all a bit in our development, so that we can be as awesome as you.