Thursday, 26 March 2020

The Annunciation - in action

After yesterday's post, Bangor, Mash and Freddie wanted to know more about Our Lady and the Annunciation. Many years ago I heard a talk given by the late Fr Tom Forrest CSsR, (right) one of my all-time favourite preachers.  He spoke about the Rosary as intercession, and it  worked like this.   When you come across something or somebody you want to pray for, you find a decade of the Rosary that seems to fit.

Well a few weeks later I took Holy Communion to a bed-bound lady in the parish, St Cuthbert's in Cardiff Docks, who had terminal cancer. As I walked on to my next call, I remembered this talk, so I prayed the Annunciation, asking that she too, like Our Lady, receive Good News.  About ten days later I called in again - and she answered the door! She went on to tell me how she was still very ill, but had felt better the day I had taken her Communion. About ten or fifteen minutes later in fact - the same time as I was praying the  decade of the Rosary for her.

Well, she still died some time after, but this has always stayed in my mind. Never underestimate the value of prayer, never underestimate the role of Mary, never underestimate the repercussions down through the ages of that great unique proclamation of Good News - the Annunciation.

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  1. Amen.

    I have heard you share this story before Canon Matthew, but each time it lifts my spirits with trust and hope in the Lord and his most Holy Mother.