Sunday, 22 March 2020

Meet Mister Mash

Hiya!  I'm Mash. You met my, er, friend Bangor yesterday. Just because the master got him the year before he got me, Bangor thinks he's the bee's knees!.  Anyway, here''s my picture with my master in his office, but I'm not Welsh - I'm English. In fact I come from the north-east, from Alnwick in Northumberland. Like Bangor, I came along when Fr Matthew was on one of these pilgrimage things in 2018. A nice lady called Linda thought that Bangor might like a friend. So here I am.. 
Now part of the problem with me 'n' Bangor is that although I'm a bull and have lovely big horns, I'm, um, a bit small, much smaller than Bangor.  And he doesn't let me forget it!  These priests go on about loving your neighbour, so we try our best, but it's not always easy is it? Especially if you're sitting on a Welsh dresser day in day out. But, you know, if we three presbytery animals can get on despite being stuck inside, I'm sure you humans can do the same.
Oh, I better go now, because I think Fr Matthew is going to do another of these Mass things with us, and I want to pay attention and learn what it's all about. We'd love it if you wanted to leave a comment at the end of these posts.  Don't worry if it doesn't appear straightaway, because Fr Matthew has to sort of approve comments before they appear.   Byeeee, and oh it's Freddie's turn tomorrow. He's an elephant, you know...

This is Alnwick by the way, where I come from; I'm a long way from home...


  1. Oops! Haydn I accidentally deleted your comment instead of publishing it. Problem typing with a hoof! Would you like to resubmit...

    1. Hi Canon and Mash,

      no problem. I bet the horns could get in the way of the screen too 🤣

      Here it is (as far as I can remember).

      Welcome to the blog Mash, it is nice to meet you.

      I was wondering what the attraction of Alnwick was for the September Pilgrims when they were visiting the North of England on Pilgrimage and met you.

      I know Lindisfarne and Durham have ancient Christian heritage but I don't think I know anything about Alnwick and Canon Matthew wasn't blogging from the pilgrimage that year - though he does many times.

      I also wanted you to tell Bangor - size doesn't matter - everyone says so.

      It is more about the good things you do and the way you care for others than about who is larger or smaller.