Friday, 26 June 2020

Another year

Phew!   It's been hot hasn't it.  Bit of a breeze today anyway...  I don't know if it it was the heat yesterday evening, but I did this posting then and pressed the wrong key, which deleted the whole posting into the ether, and I couldn't find any way of getting it back.... so I gave up. And now I can't remember what is was about!

Anyway, tomorrow, the 27th, is a significant date for me as it's my birthday. When I look back over the years as a whole it seems to have flown by, but when I think of different events and especially different parishes in which I've served, it seems ages.  Sandfields (Port Talbot), Ely, the Docks, Ledbury, Canada, back to Ely, Penarth, Llanrumney and now here in St Brigid's, St Paul's and Christ the King. With, of course a heavy dose of Canon Law and other things along the way.

However, its all about people, isn't it? Same everywhere in many ways, but different too; those close to me - family of course, friends etc, and the thousands who cross the paths of us priests and who often know us priests better than we know them. People never cease to fascinate me. I love the Mediterranean thing of sitting in cafes and people-watching.And, of course, sustaining everything is the Big Boss up there, his Son who came and comes alongside us to rescue us and their Spirit working, working within us.
Thankyou Lord, thankyou everyone.

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