Monday, 12 April 2010

Easter expert

As we have in our 3 Churches (at the moment!) seven weekend Masses, it means that on alternate Saturday/Sundays we preach four times. Now sometimes my homily evolves over the four Masses, and sometimes it comes out more or less exactly the same. This week was an evolver. By Sunday 6 o'clock I was emphasising the wonderful way in which Jesus handled the problems of the apostles (and ours too). 
Firstly, they have fear of the Jews - so he just passes through the locked door of their fears, proclaiming "Peace be with you!" He stands with us on our side of those fears - It's OK, I'm with you. 
Secondly, they feel themselves incapable of carrying out the task he is giving them - so he breathes out the Holy Spirit upon them. It's OK, I know you usually mess up left to yourselves, so here is the divine life-force, the means by which to carry out my mission which is now your mission.
Lastly, they have their doubts about him, about the Resurection, about the whole thing - so he says to Thomas "Give me your hand". It's OK, I know you don't get the whole picture yet, but that doesn't bother me, just grasp this experience of my presence, because it is on that experience that my Church will rest for ever.  
There we have it - Jesus the supreme expert on our human nature. Should we be surpised? As God He made us, as God and Man he had shared this earth with us for over thirty years. 
So don't let's hear about our fears, our lack of ability or our doubts - they're no problem for the One who counts! 

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