Sunday, 25 April 2010

Quite a weekend

I'm a bit better, thanks, and have managed to put a small fortune into Lemsip's pocket.
Our Landings day I enjoyed a lot. Just over 20 people came and our visitors took us through everything we need to know, really, in order to set up the programme in our parishes. And what impressive and pleasant people they were - it's always a great pleasure to meet good, solid, ordinary Catholics doing their bit for the Church. I was sorry to see them leave, and have a feeling I'll be seeing more of them. The one staying here in the Pres, Pat, had founded a Catholic men's group - very similar to what I have had in mind, except that his meets in the evening. They regularly get about 20 men along, and I listened carefully to how it all started. Hmmm... See how the Lord gives you these little "side-blessings" when you start to move with Him!
However, it was a long day, from 10 until 4 and I was not feeling very good by the end. A quick rest and it was on to 6 o'clock Mass at St.P.  We had to read the English and Welsh Bishops' statement on child abuse. I have no problem in doing that, and very much agree with its contents, it's just that it all leaves such a bad taste in the mouth, doesn't it?
Well, with hardly a pause it was then on, at the end of Mass, to Archbishop Peter's proposals for the future of the Church in the city of Cardiff. We clergy have known about the contents of this for weeks, including its bombshell for us here at the 3 Churches - the dissolving of the cluster in favour of two new ones, namely St Brigid-St Paul-St Philip Evans, and Christ the King-St Teilo-Our Lady of Lourdes. As you can imagine, I have a lot to say about this proposal, and we have six weeks or so to talk about it, so watch this space, but one aspect is already emerging quickly as a flash-point. In the letter containing the proposal, it talks about building on current exisiting good practice. Hmm, in our case, by dismantling it! I think people are going to really let rip at that one...
So, interesting weeks ahead.  Please feel free to add your comments on this or anything else, on this blog.
One last thing - my best feel good moment this weekend, especially after the abuse letter and my feeling poorly, was the lady who came out of 10.30 Mass at St B first in order to give me a peck on the cheek  and a hug. "That's to say thankyou for being one of the good guys." Small, but what a lot it meant this weekend...

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