Sunday, 4 April 2010


Happy Easter everybody!  What a beautiful day... As I left for 8.30 Mass at Christ the King this morning, the weather was perfect: a gentle sunlight, a cool crispness in the air, and a few more birds singing than usual. Easter!
We celebrated a wonderful Vigil and First Mass last night, with the reception of Michelle into the church. I sang the "Exsultet" with a bit more emotion than usual, which brought a little more emotion to not a few eyes, I'm told. And then 8.30 and 10.30 this morning. Well, what can I say about 10.30? Well over 400 people, and sooo many children taking part, all under the careful and creative eyes of Peter amd Marie and team. It was just so - so joyful!  Michelle, our new Catholic was back for more too...
These special liturgies give me a deep sense of Church, and of the presence of the Lord in his Church. After the Vigil I had a very brief word with a young man, who just kept saying "Thankyou, thankyou... for bringing me back to the Church..."
So here is a picture of what the sanctuary at C the K looked like by the end of 10.30 Mass when the children draped the altar with various symbolic colours. The brightness of the colours reflects, I hope the brightness we Christians feel in our hearts on this feast of feasts. Alleluia!
ps Note the sunlight catching the incense hanging in the air near the tabernacle...

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