Friday, 23 April 2010

Lot of it about, Father

Woe is me! Woke up yesterday feeling yucky. Bit shivery, head spinning and a touch of the old nausea... great. To make it worse, I had a really busy day ahead, including a burial (which you can't postpone!) and appointments with parishioners (for whom I didn't have a phone number). Bit better today, helped by a lovely wedding at Christ the King at lunchtime, but still feeling wobbly...
The folks who are leading our "Landings" day tomorrow have all arrived and we all went out to the pub this evening to sort out the practicalities. All we need now are the people.
On Sunday we have two things to announce. We priests have to read out the Message from the Bishops of Wales and England on Child Abuse, and then at the end of Mass parishioners are going to tell the congregations about the archbishop's proposals for reorganizing the parishes in the city. There are a few hot potatoes there, and they directly affect us, so we'll see how it goes down!

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