Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Clearing the background

Annoying tickle in the throat, but basically back to normal! Thankyou for asking.
Now, we have been plunged into reflection and discussion about these proposals for the future of the Church in Cardiff. I'm already fed up with thinking about it really, but of course, it's completely new to parishioners.
Very quickly two areas that need clarification have emerged. Firstly, because we have been running a "cluster" here at the 3 Churches for almost six years, people naturally assume that this is the kind of thing envisaged across the city. In fact, what is planned is something much lower key, at least in the immediate future, with co-operation between independent parishes the order of the day. So we are, in fact, five years ahead of the game, you might say...
The second area where there is a lack of information is more our responsibility. It has quickly become clear that many parishioners simply are not aware of the many, many areas of parish life where our three churches are entwined, united or mutually dependent.  
We are going to tackle these gaps by putting out some fact sheets to help people come to their own conclusions.
I must say I enjoyed the point one St B parishioner made, that the laity are being given 6 weeks to reflect and discuss, whereas the clergy have already taken about a year and a half! Touche!

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