Friday, 12 June 2009

Books, caffs, and monks' bones rattling

Popped in town yesterday to do a few bits 'n' pieces, and I eventually got down to the new library. In case you don't know, they pulled down the Old New Library for the St David's 2 Shopping Centre. The New New Library is on the former car park in front of the Marriott Hotel. It's 5 floors inside, very airy and spacious with loads of seating and loads of computer terminals, more or less all of which were occupied yesterday. I remember reading in the paper a while ago how many thousands of books they got rid of at the transfer, and although there are 5 floors, it didn't seem to me that there were a huge number of books on display. Ummm about 7 out of 10 I think.

After a cappuccino at the coffee shop in Borders Bookshop (pretty tasteless 5 out of 10) I checked whether any more units in Morgan Arcade were vacant or taken (cf. an earlier posting). St Mary Street and its surrounds seem to be slowly sliding into being a backwater, with its southern end, of course, more or less completely given over to weekend evening entertainment. I'm not sure what the Benedictine monks who looked after the original St Marys Church just past Wood Street would think!! For most of Cardiff's history St Mary St/High Street has been the bustling heart of the city... Everything changes - can you believe it, even the layout in the Menswear on the 2nd floor in M & S has been altered and their caff has migrated down a floor (slow service, nice coffee - but already had one yesterday - see above!)

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