Thursday, 18 June 2009

Nothing like it

A bit of a manic day, folks, mostly because of upcoming special celebrations like a) tomorrow's Anniversary Mass at Christ the King School, b) the Sacred Heart Mass in the evening at St Brigid's, c) Sunday's Sung Vespers and Benediction at St Brigid's and, of course d) our 3 Churches Mass on 28th June at Corpus Christi. In amongst this I met with someone regarding one of this year's marriages, and with a couple with regard to one of next year's marriages. I completed (late) my part of our weekly newsletter getting it off to ever-patient editor Luke - and with all of this found time to spend 6 hours or so with my sister and brother-in-law. I'm very close to my family, and we had a lovely lunch out. In the restaurant (not a million miles from here) we had what was described as an Italian bread salad with all kinds of extras. The extras were very nice, but the bread consisted of two crunchy bits the size of 10p pieces. Then we repaired to Penarth, where there was nowhere to park, and finally took consolation in an ice-cream down at the Bay. Toffee flavour, bit watery, but yummy. Luckily, a cup of tea back home before saying goodbye - made by yours truly - was perfection...

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