Sunday, 7 June 2009

A good lunch

One of my little "sidelines" is being chaplain to the Cardiff Circle of the Catenians. Well, in fact most of the members are from our 3 churches anyway, and in particular from Christ the King. You can read about the Catenians here and about our Cardiff Circle of the Catenians here. They come in for a bit of flak sometimes, mainly I think from people who do not know much about them. I find the Cardiff Circle, at least, a great bunch of men, very welcoming, very loyal Catholics - and very good for a fine lunch on President's Sunday, which it was today! New President Ceri kindly invited James and myself once more to come along, and we had a lovely meal at a local hotel. It's great to be ecumenical like at last Sunday's Pentecost Walk & Picnic, but there's also a place for a Catholic get-together like REFRESH or the Catenians. It all helps to give each other support and so build one another up in life and faith. The pic shows a previous Catenians event with the new President Ceri and Pat on the left, then me and other guests including my "boss" Archbishop Peter...

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