Monday, 15 June 2009

God in the streets

To follow yesterday's Feast of Corpus Christi, take a look at an event in New York, when God goes out on the streets... It's a short video that begs all kinds of questions.
In Cardiff we often hear of the famous Corpus Christi Procession which was held until 1994. In its last five years Archbishop Ward appointed me chairman of the committee that ran it - not a popular agenda! We have to be careful when looking back. When folks remember Corpus Christi they tend to be thinking of its heyday up until about the 1970s. There were all kinds of problems bearing in on it by the 1980s, from both within the Catholic community and from outside. Some parts of our archdiocese hold local deanery celebrations nowadays. When we are told we are all bringers of the Good News, and called to be witnesses to our faith, are Eucharistic processions a good way? Does Jesus wish to go out in this way on the streets of Cardiff too? What do you think?

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