Monday, 8 June 2009

A very special Good Friday

I came across another beautiful YouTube video this evening that I wanted to share. The Abbey of Chevetogne was founded in Belgium in the early 20th century. Although it is a Benedictine monastery, and therefore part of our Western (or Latin) tradition, from the beginning it had an ecumenical emphasis - at a very early date. In particular, the monastery would worship in both Latin and Byzantine traditions, and, indeed has two churches for the purpose.
They have made many CDs of their Byzantine chant, and this video shows scenes in the church and then a little of their Good Friday Vespers, where they venerate not a cross as we do, but an icon of Christ lying on a special table. The image is scattered with rose petals, one of which is then given to each person who comes up to kiss the image. The combination of chant, veneration and photography is, I think, extremely moving. Relax and enter the worship.

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