Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The lads in the vineyard

I've seen a lot of other priests these last two days. Yesterday we took the process of looking at the future of the Church in our city a stage further. All the Cardiff priests spent 10.30-3.00 together at the Pastoral Centre. We spent most of the time in groups, discussing the document that has been produced to summarise the submissions from all the parishes in answer to the 5 Questions discussed in the parishes in February. There was a level of agreement, accepting the need for greater cooperation in some kind of groupings - zones, areas or whatever. What level of cooperation and how many groupings - there was difference of opinion.

Today I attended my regular Fraternity of Priests fortnightly meeting, this time at St Mary's, Canton, hosted by Fr Andy Bord. Andy always puts a lot into planning the First Hour, 12-1, which is our prayer time. There was a choice of beef or veg for lunch - but most of us mixed the two together! Then for the Third Hour we repaired to Andy's room for some discussion and sharing. The Year of Priesthood begins in a few weeks, and we are thinking and praying about how we can mark it and contribute to it. Maybe blog readers have ideas about how we could thank our priests/pray for them and for vocations/ learn about priesthood. I would like to be able to think that we can do something good in our diocese. Don't forget the special Mass at St Brigid's on the first day of the Year, 19th June, the Feast of the Sacred Heart 7.30pm.

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